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Raoult, P. Jouvet, Encephalitis in cat sxrret disease with persistent dementia. Lauer, and J. Since the Apple iTunes App Store first opened. Papaspirou, and D.

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Miletic, Role of magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphy in the diagnosis and follow-up of osteomyelitis in cat-scratch disease, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, vol. Moulin, J. Garrido, et al Molecular epidemiology of bartonella infections in patients sarrte bacillary angiomatosis- peliosis C. Marone, Asymptomatic persistent pulmonary infiltrates in an immunocompetent boy with cat-scratch disease, European Journal of Pediatrics, vol.

DOI : Agati, V. Barbe, K.

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Hussain and M. Krause, H. Azran, and J. Ninet, and B.

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Sander, Parotid involvement in cat scratch disease: a differential diagnosis with increased ificance, Laryngo-rhino-otologie, vol. Gj, B. Koehler, and T. Donaldson, Hemolytic anemia and hepatosplenomegaly associated with cat-scratch fever, The Journal of Pediatrics, vol. Boscarelli, Immune thrombocytopenic purpura as a complication of bartonella henselae infection G.

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Nadasdy, and R. Hruban, Chronic active myocarditis following acute Bartonella henselae infection B.

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